To us answer all most of your questions within a some time, and or else we do our excellent to answer all your questions by the next business day. our team support depend on weekends and holidays. and our company will be happy to support you.

We us only provide support for the themes that we’ve make. we might be happy to help you with installing the theme and make it work like we promised.
We test any product before making it available to you. then after that you are provided.
If you dicover any error or problem in our product, please let us know. We will resolve those problems and include them in future update.

We do not provide support for third-party product. If you are having a problem with a third-party product, then we recommend you to contact the merchandise author for the support.

To our support don’t include customization. If your product doesn’t meet your requirement, you’ll contact us.
We will assist you from time-to-time and amend the policies. please make sure you’re conscious of the update.